In 2013, swarm was an idea to support young people into work and then train them to become more enterprising and effective.

Since then we have grown and worked with employers across the UK training their workforce, providing apprenticeships and recruiting hundreds of amazing new recruits into new positions across the region.

Swarm is proud to be a company that puts compassionate business values at the very heart of what we do. Our mission is to develop a more enterprising, compassionate and purposeful business community across the UK and beyond.

We know that to succeed today, you need more than ever to focus on developing your team to have the right mindset, skills and behaviours which enable innovation, enterprise and growth across your organisation. Above all the they have to deliver results and demonstrate a good return on investment.

Being a social enterprise we know from experience that social and community impact can boost profitability, grow staff loyalty, and make work much more than just a job. We encourage employers, learners and new recruits to demonstrate their impact on profitability and to do this in a way that is ethical, honest and fair.

Swarm’s Core Values

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We act with kindness and patience, both internally with our staff, and externally with our suppliers and customers. We don’t put profit first and we share what we do have.

Why not ask us about it?



We never give up on our vision. We may adapt our approach but never our purpose.

Even when it gets tough we dig in and keep going.

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We don’t do anything unless we know it has a real measurable impact on the customer.

We enable people to understand and measure their own impact on their business.

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We understand that money is just a resource required to achieve a greater purpose. We all strive at swarm to set an example of putting people before profit.



We understand that family comes first and we protect and encourage family time in all our polices.

We have flexible working hours and have unlimited holiday for all staff and make sure that people take the time off to enjoy whats most important in life.



Empowering people to get involved in ideas that effect change, sharing leadership, responsibility and a good standard of pay is key to an enjoyable and fulfilling working life.

We try to make sure people enjoy work and inject some fun in how we do it.