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Do you want to hire staff, or do you seek to discover great people that enhance your team, business and allow you to do great things?

We believe to not only survive, but actually thrive in the 21st century business environment, it is your people that makes the difference. Every business needs the structure, process and practices to function, however, it is those that are engaged with the core values and vision of the business that makes the magic happen.

At SwarmBe, we are are dedicated to changing the way business looks at its people, how those people are valued and how they add value to the business they work with, whilst making a difference to the local community.

We work in partnership with companies of all sizes and in all sectors, identifying the gaps within the organisations administration, management and leadership. We then help build a sustainable solution, not a one time fix.

We use our ability to view the world in a different way and apply that to discovering, engaging and helping you inspire your future and present people.

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We will always take the time to get know you and your company culture, vision and goals. We then work with you to align them with great people.

Affordable and Fair

Affordable & Fair

Flexible and fair payment terms that allow even a micro company to spread the cost of professional recruitment.

Training in a workshop


After we discover that new person or identify a training and development need within your current people, we can offer bespoke training or help access apprenticeship training.

Compassion changing the world


With over seventy years of leadership and management at the sharp end, we can sit beside any team member at any level, guiding, coaching and mentoring.